Yah, “Minnesotan” is spoken ven da Minnesota Club has its annual dinner


Linda Beal

Yah, “Minnesotan” is spoken ven da Minnesota Club has its annual dinner!

Over seventy people with Minnesota backgrounds gathered on February 6, 2018 to honor their state and enjoy the comradery known as “Minnesota Nice.” Chef Aris not only provided a delicious dinner but was instrumental in making the arrangements for a great evening. Nobody ate hot-dish! It was a good opportunity to connect with the many Minnesota residents, renters and friends who enjoy Quail Creek while Minnesota is enveloped in gray clouds, snow, ice and chilly temperatures. Attendees were subjected to the volunteer committee’s attempts at humor and were very polite.

Watch for next year’s dinner which is scheduled for February 5, 2019. We can’t promise that the Minnesota Club Kitchen Ladies; MaryJo Schupmann, Linda Beal, Kris Oscarson and Shirley Johnson will return. Swen and Ole, portrayed by Paul Schupmann and Dick Oscarson might make another appearance. Ya just never know! But, you betcha, dem Minnesotans will have a good time again.