Windy but Fun

Wednesday’s Spring Training Round Robin Social brought out 64 hearty pickleball players who endured playing in the wind, along with several others who joined in the potluck. Bill Foraker provided baseball-themed music, along with a variety of genres.

Madelyn Witt, who is on the Social Committee, transformed registration! Every player received a laminated card with their number, along with a list of each game number, court number, and whether they were on the serving side or not. There was never a need to gather around a posterboard looking and then trying to remember which court you were going to. Because each player had their own number, it eliminated the need for raffle tickets, too! There were lots of prizes and lots of winners!

Thanks to Social Committee members (Madelyn Witt, Cindy Mueller, Wendy Turley, Susan Jones, Mary Taylor, Jill Eisele, Bobbie Jo Blythe, and Roxanne Housley) who were there to set up “in the wind,” decorate “in the wind,” serve hot dogs and chili “in the wind,” and clean up “in the wind.”