Volunteering Where the Grass Really Is Greener—Green Valley Fire Corps

One of the most rewarding experiences is volunteering. The mission of the Green Valley Fire Corps is to provide prevention and safety services to the community and enhance the effectiveness of the Green Valley Fire District (GVFD). The Fire Corps, each year, goes into about 2,000 homes in our district to ensure our residents’ smoke alarms are working properly, are cleaned, and have fresh batteries. There are about 4,300 homes that are currently signed up for this program. The key to this program is our volunteers. Each year, we look for volunteers who are willing to give four to five hours a week to help change batteries in alarms, to install emergency lockboxes, or to remove desert pests. If you are interested in volunteering with any of our programs, contact Kevin McNichols, the volunteer coordinator at Green Valley Fire District, at [email protected] or at 520-393-7505. These programs allow the Green Valley Fire District to be readily available for emergencies/training while saving the district thousands of dollars.

Smoke alarms save lives! Green Valley Fire Corps volunteers will come to your home by appointment, inspect your alarms, change all the batteries, and install replacement smoke alarms, if necessary—all done by our trained volunteers. This popular program is of great value to your safety and that of your family and pets. Batteries are provided by the Fire Corps: 1-2 batteries are at no charge, 3-8 batteries are $20, and 9 batteries or more are $25.

If determined by our volunteers that your smoke alarms need to be replaced, we furnish and install new A/C-powered smoke alarms for $20 each and battery-powered alarms for $10 each. You will automatically be contacted every two years to schedule an appointment to have batteries replaced; one year for battery-only alarms.

Lockbox Program: Residents of Green Valley Fire District can have a residential lockbox installed at their home. These lockboxes are only used by GVFD firefighters/paramedics. The lockboxes are available for purchase directly from the Fire District. A lockbox can give you peace of mind knowing that help can get to you if you cannot let help in. The cost is $50 per lockbox, plus an installation charge of $25. (Note: Residents have the option of installing the lockbox themselves and not paying the $25 installation charge.) For further information, call 520-625-9438.

Desert pest removal: Green Valley Fire Corps volunteers respond to nonemergency situations such as relocating venomous/nonvenomous snakes and Gila monsters; Call 520-629-9200.