TWOQC On-the-Go Experience! Introduction to the Streetcar

Photo by Bonnie Hyra

Jane Gold

On May 4 a group of adventurous The Women Of Quail Creek (TWOQC) members went on an On-the-Go (OTG) excursion on the Tucson streetcar. The group discovered where the streetcar goes and why one should take it instead of driving into Tucson. The excursion was led by Bonnie Hyra and new OTG team members Mary Ellen Farmer and Carol Michels.

This excursion was specifically designed for the newest TWOQC members/new residents and those who have never taken any OTG streetcar trips.

This was a high-energy on/off adventure. Attendees stopped briefly to see what can be found at different streetcar stops. Among the landmarks attendees viewed were the oldest Tucson grocery store, an ad for the art exhibit done by Paul McCartney’s wife, the University of Arizona area, and the oldest Tucson hotel, located on Congress Street.

Traveling eastward, the group did a lot of standing, riding, and walking. Later, lunch was eaten at Opa’s Greek Restaurant off Fourth Avenue.


“Thank you, Bonnie, for being such an awesome and amazing tour guide! I learn so much from these explorations!”

“Here’s to continuing explorations with wonderful women!”

“What a delightful day! I thoroughly enjoyed all of it!”

“I continue to learn so much about Tucson, and these excursions all present such a different experience.”

“Kudos to our guide Bonnie who managed to keep us all accounted for.”