TWOQC general meeting

Janice Pell

Thom and Kathy Mansur, volunteer veterans’ coordinators for Southern Arizona Honor Flights for WWII Veterans, will be the guest speakers at the May 19 general meeting of The Women of Quail Creek at 6:30 p.m. in the Crystal Ballroom. Honor Flights fly WWII veterans on chartered flights to Washington D.C. for three day expense paid visits during which they get a chance to see the WWII Memorial which was erected in 2004 to pay tribute to all those who served in the armed forces in that war. As many of the veterans are over 90 and have special needs, guardians—either chosen family members or helpers—accompany them on the trip at their own expense. When Thom Mansur retired and looked for a cause, the program immediately appealed to both he and Kathy, especially since their fathers had served in the war. Thom was quoted as saying, “I thought it would be 10 to 12 hours a week. It’s 10 to 12 hours a day and every bit as fulfilling as work.”

TWOQC voted in January to contribute $1,000 to send a veteran on an Honor Flight. The chosen veteran will be on a June flight and it is hoped that his or her name will be announced at the May meeting. Members and Quail Creek residents are encouraged to write a Dear Veteran letter thanking individual veterans for their service to the country. TWOQC hope that each veteran going on May and June flights will be given a letter to read during the long flight.

All members, women guests and Quail Creek ladies interested in joining who have not previously attended a TWOQC function are invited to attend. Tickets for the June 30 Summer Luau featuring The Hula Sisters will go on sale at the meeting so members may wish to bring their checkbooks. Tickets are $16 and checks should be made out to TWOQC.

Members will be able to pre-order TWOQC cookbook, A Shared Table, for the discount price of $14 or buy ten and get one free. There will be a drawing at the meeting for door prizes.

For further information contact Peggy McGee at [email protected] or 207-6188 or Janice Pell at [email protected] or 867-6262.