What does the Green Committee do for non-golfers?

Skip Fumia

Last month we discussed the organization of the Green Committee and how it serves the Quail Creek golfing community. This month we’ll briefly review how the activities of the Green Committee have an impact on our non-golfers as well. That is, how does the Green Committee benefit the community as a whole?

As mentioned last month, the objective of the Green Committee is “to promote and enhance the golfers’ enjoyment and satisfaction from use of the golf facilities.” To achieve that objective two of the four focus areas are the condition of the golf course(s) and related golf facilities and the impact of the physical and aesthetic intersection between the golf course and adjacent common areas on golf course condition/appearance and on players, property owners and visitors.

These two focus areas reflect the interest of the Green Committee in the upkeep of our community golf facilities. What does that mean to the health of our community? It represents an impact on home values, home sales and thereby, growth of Quail Creek. The following perspective was provided by Director of Sales Michael Dalton.

“Golf is very important to our sales operation. There is much demand for homesites with openness or views behind them. A golf course provides just that. Certainly we can command higher lot premiums from golf course or mountain view lots than we can from interior lots that are back to back with neighbors. This is true for golfers and non-golfers alike. Many of the folks who purchase a golf course lot are no more than casual golfers or not golfers at all. They simply enjoy the beauty that the views of the golf course add to their home site. It’s also important for us to have golf course homesites simply for the sake of product variety for our potential homebuyers.”

“The quality of play is certainly a specific concern for the more serious golfers. If they are considering making a move to Quail Creek they will want to be able to enjoy playing their home course. The golf course is one of the several important factors that have earned Quail Creek the reputation for high standards and quality lifestyle.”

“Our preferred guests are offered a free round of golf as part of their stay. Thus many of our potential homebuyers may have some sort of golf experience with us before they decide whether or not to purchase. We always want to put our best foot forward so the quality of the condition of the golf course is very important.”

Thus the Green Committee’s focus on the condition of the golf course impacts home values (starting with premium lots) as well as home sales to golfers and non-golfers. In addition the quality of our course brings in outside play for potential homebuyers as well as golf revenue.

Finally, add in the Grill and Banquet revenue associated with golf events, you’ll find that successful golf at Quail Creek benefits all of us!