TWOQC Clothing Drive for Homeless Veterans Otober 15

Photo by Eileen Sykora

Photo by Eileen Sykora

Diane Quinn

The Women of Quail Creek’s annual clothing drive for homeless veterans is fast approaching. Now better referred to as the clothing and household items drive, TWOQC is collecting not only a variety of clothing items for the still homeless, but also collecting small household items for previously homeless, recently housed veterans. The number of homeless veterans throughout the U.S. continues to rise. In southern Arizona there are approximately 2,000 homeless veterans, 10% of whom are women. However, through outstanding efforts in Pima County and the support of organizations such as TWOQC, Veterans Affairs reports an average 15 formerly homeless veterans are housed each month.

TWOQC is often asked what the veterans need. Imagine for a few moments that you found yourself homeless. What would you need; particularly with changing seasons and temperatures approaching? Whether homeless or recently housed, the veterans need items of clothing. The greatest need is for men’s clothing in small, medium and 2x and 3x sizes. Women and children’s clothing in all sizes is also welcome, though the need is not as great. A small percentage of the homeless and recently housed families have children. Underwear and socks for all ages are also welcome, but they must be new.

Backpacks are particularly useful to the homeless. Donated bicycles also provide welcome transportation for the veterans to get to work and service-providing locations throughout the county.

Donating bottles of water, small packages of crackers, granola bars, etc. allows the VA to give these to veterans who come in off the streets. Some veterans have pets, so small donations of pet items such as leashes and pet food are also appreciated.

Veterans who have been placed in housing need many small household items, among them:

* Pots and pans

* Card tables with two chairs

* Small lamps

* Cleaning supplies

* Laundry detergent, dish soap, sponges

* Paper towels, trash bags

* Toilet paper

* Shower curtains and rings

This year’s clothing drive will take place Saturday, October 15 in front of the Madera Clubhouse. People providing donations simply need to pull up their car or golf cart and volunteers will help move donated items to designated sorting stations. The clothing drive takes place from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. If you wish to donate items but are unable to bring them to the October 15 event, please contact Laura Colbert at [email protected] for drop-off information.