TWOQC Asks for Your Help

Holiday food drive: Please, NO mac and cheese and NO glass jars. All other items are welcome and needed!

Deb Melton

As we head into the holiday season, The Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) Community Outreach Committee is sponsoring a food drive to support the Green Valley Food Bank, which is part of Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Many people don’t realize that food insecurity exists in every county in the United States and that rural areas are more likely to have higher rates of hunger than urban areas.

In Pima County, the rate of those who are hungry is just over 13 percent. In Santa Cruz County, it is closer to 15 percent. Some of those folks earn a little too much to qualify for SNAP (what used to be known as food stamps), yet they still lack the resources to feed their families wholesome, nutritious meals. Even those who do receive SNAP benefits still need help. The average cost of a meal, cooked at home, in our area is just over $3.38. SNAP only pays $1.40. As you can see, the need for additional assistance is great.

Here’s how you can help: Mark your calendar for Dec. 7. TWOQC have arranged for a truck from the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to be parked in the parking lot between the Madera Clubhouse and the Creative Arts and Technology Center between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. You will be able to drive your car to the parking lot and deposit your donations right into the truck.

The items needed  (medium-sized, please) are canned meats; canned veggies; ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and other condiments; peanut butter; jelly; cake mixes and frosting; cookie mixes; stuffing mix; easy meals.

Please do not bring any mac and cheese, glass jars, refrigerated items, and no large-sized items.

And if you don’t like to shop, checks are always welcome—make them out to “Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.”

TWOQC will be holding our holiday luncheon that day, and members may bring their donations to the luncheon. Members will get more details about the luncheon on GroupWorks as the date gets closer.

In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, The Women of Quail Creek would like to wish everyone in our community a warm and blessed holiday season. We hope this season finds you surrounded by friends, family, and those you love. Thank you for your support of our Quail Creek community and our greater community of Southern Arizona. Happy Thanksgiving!