The Published and Unpublished Writers of Quail Creek

Paul Riggins

Did you know that there are over thirty published writers currently residing in Quail Creek? And, there are at least that many residents who have an interest in becoming a published writer. And yes, there are those among us that have no interest in having their work published. In fact, there are residents who, simply long for the day when they begin writing and being creative.

The Writers and Poets Club has members who belong to each of these four areas of creative interest. It has been estimated that Quail Creek residents are responsible for writing literally thousands of articles, novels, children’s stories, songs, poems, memoirs, and many other forms of writing. There are many talented writers living in Quail Creek. It borders on the amazing.

Later in the month, on March 19, the Writers and Poets will be joined by a well-known local writer and environmental activist (born at the Santa Rita Ranch just east of Quail Creek). His name is Steve Brown, and he currently resides in Tucson. His fictional novels and short stories focus on the mysteries, secrets, and lore of the Santa Rita Mountains. He is a living legacy who has traveled most of the trails, highways, and byways that surround Quail Creek. If you are a local history enthusiast or environmental advocate, you will be interested in getting to know Steve Brown.

Any Quail Creek resident is welcome to join us for this special event. Our meeting room, in the Boardroom of the Kino Conference Center, is small. Come early! We begin at 2 p.m. and end around 3:30 p.m.