Thanks to our Green Committee volunteers

The Green Committee

The Green Committee

Nine of your fellow residents devote their time and energy to “improving the golf experience for Quail Creek residents,” as reflected in the charter of the Green Committee. By its charter, the Committee is composed of five at-large members (representing the overall QC golfing community) and four members who represent their respective QC golf associations. For 2015 the committee members are Committee Chair Ralph Scafuri; Vice-Chair and Course Committee Chair Craig Parsons, Communications Chair Skip Fumia, Secretary Pete Delcour, Sales/Pricing/Marketing Chair Larry Laughman, QCMGA Rep Bob Kuntz, QCLGA Rep Gail Phillips, Desert Duffers Rep Frank Hewitt and Lady Niners Rep Sharon Paxson.

Advisors to the Green Committee are Head Golf Pro Joel Jaress, Course Superintendent J.R. Kies, General Manager Mike Taylor, RCI Golf Operations Lead Mark Giannonatti and POA Board Representative Dreama Fumia. The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the Gold Room of the Madera Clubhouse. Guests are always welcome to attend.

Now that you know who they are, what is it that they do? A good way to get a full picture of the breadth of golf topics addressed by the Green Committee is to visit their page on our HOA website (Association Living/Committees/Green Committee). There you’ll find the Committee’s charter as well as meeting minutes. Another item you’ll find there is a copy of the recent USGA Report – a comprehensive report provided by USGA representative Brian Whitlark after his October visit to our course (initiated by the Green Committee) – a report which will be used to guide the Green Committee in related golf maintenance areas.

The Green Committee works closely with Joel Jaress on topics related to the Pro Shop, the practice range, our rental carts, pace of play, tee time saturation, player satisfaction and management. J.R. Kies is the Committee’s interface for topics related to maintenance of our course from tee to green for all 27 holes including bunkers, greens, fairways, roughs, setup, mowing and on and on. Mike Taylor reports to the Committee on the financial position of golf operations, including capital purchases. The Committee volunteers work diligently to bring resident golf concerns to the QC staff and other Committee advisors for action.

In addition to their monthly meetings, the Committee also hosts an Open Forum twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. These are supported by the Committee members as well as by Joel and J.R. They provide great opportunities to hear the latest course news and to participate in a Q&A on all things golf at QC. Open Forum dates are announced well in advance through What’s Happening. The Green Committee also uses the QC Xtra and Quail Creek Crossing publications to communicate various QC golf topics throughout the year.

Our committee volunteers give back to this community in a big way. Their ultimate responsibility is to provide recommendations to the POA Board in their area of interest. In particular, the Green Committee does an excellent job of advocating for golf at QC and the POA Board appreciates their contributions!