The Amerind and Mata Ortiz connection

The Sullivan Collection

The Sullivan Collection

Ron and Vicki Sullivan

Whether you want to learn about Arizona and the Southwest or venture to foreign borders by viewing films, the Green Valley campus of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Arizona, known as OLLI-UA, offers opportunities for learning in a comfortable classroom environment. In March Quail Creek residents and OLLI-UA study group leaders Vicki and Ron Sullivan will offer a unique perspective of the Southwest in their course The Amerind and Mata Ortiz Connection.

The first of two study group sessions begins with a 90 minute presentation of the rich history of northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico. Today that influence of the ancient Paquimé culture exists well beyond current borders. The vibrant culture comes to life through film and power point presentation of the contemporary pottery produced in the village of Juan Mata Ortiz and the importance of trade items such as macaw feathers and ancient pottery has on the contemporary Mata Ortiz pottery movement. Thanks to the Amerind Museum, Mexico’s National Institute of Archeology and History and the ancient potters of Paquimé, the history comes to life.

The second session is a field trip to the Amerind Museum in Dragoon, Arizona, where the class will explore the pottery artifacts that launched the Mata Ortiz pottery movement.

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