Thanks for talent show food bank donations

Photo by Jeff Krueger

Photo by Jeff Krueger

Dodie Prescott

The second annual “QC Has Talent” show on Aug. 23 was another rousing success. A raucous crowd constantly showed their delight with the 18 different acts and talented performers.

We were also successful in providing the Sahuarita Food Bank with 240 pounds of food and $420 in cash donations. The Food Bank coordinator, Kay Novak, thanks everyone who donated for their great support to help feed people in the Sahuarita area.

The purpose of this show is to find talent “hidden” in Quail Creek and share it with the community. The audience was treated to some extraordinary singers, musicians, and comedy acts. If you missed the show this year, we hope you’ll be there next summer to cheer on your friends and neighbors. Or maybe you’ll decide to join us and share your talent too.