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Lapidary and Jewelry Club

The Quail Creek Lapidary and Jewelry Club members continue to learn new skills and produce amazing art. From cutting and setting stones, to torching and forming metals, they explore the many possibilities available in this vibrant and popular club.

Lapidary and Jewelry Club Classes

Lapidary and Jewelry Club members have been quite busy. New members are introduced to the proper use of the studio’s equipment through a series of metals classes. Copper is cut, shaped, polished, and embossed, then made into earrings, bracelets, or pendants. Polymer clay can be mixed, shaped, sliced, or rolled, then hardened to make beautifully…

Renowned Artist Instructs Lapidary and Jewelry Club

April Bower, renowned Arizona artist, taught several classes to members of the Lapidary and Jewelry Club. The Starry Night class was offered on Nov. 16. Fabulous pieces from Argentium silver were fashioned by enthusiastic students. A spiculum class was offered on Nov. 17, with students using assorted metals to produce beautiful pieces of art.

Lapidary and Jewelry Club

Photos by Carol Wiser

Cathy Hasson While strictly adhering to COVID safety protocols, the lapidary and jewelry artists are fashioning some amazing pieces. Their work can be viewed in the display window of the Creative Arts and Technology Building, as well as on the Lapidary and Jewelry Club link on the Quail Creek HOA website. All items in the…