Table Tennis Club—Meet the Member

Jim DiMartino

Our fun and friendly Table Tennis Club meets to play doubles on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Anza facility from 1 to 3 p.m. This month features Jim DiMartino, a great guy, who at 88, is our “most experienced” player. Jim says he still calls the game ping pong, because that’s what they all called it as kids in Manhattan. “Back in New York, all my friends had tables in their basements,” he says. “I still enjoy playing, because it’s fun and it’s good exercise, which helps my eye/hand coordination. But I mostly enjoy socializing and laughing with my longtime friends.” Jim is also well known for his prowess in the Billiards Club. He has won a number of bronze, silver, and gold medals in billiards for his age group in the Senior Olympics over the years.

Jim has lived in Quail Creek for 15 years, and prior to that, he owned a ranch in Tucson. He has been a successful entrepreneur in a variety of business ventures, including grocery store ownership, raising and racing horses, renting apartments and houses, and, lastly, sharing ownership of a car dealership in Nevada. Jim has two grandsons, one granddaughter, and one great-grandson. When asked what his next big goal is, he says with a smile and a wink, “What do you think? Making it to 89 in September!”

Coordinator Tom Herder can be reached at 763-412-8131 or [email protected].