Superintendent’s Revenge revisited

Tim Phillips

The latest edition of the Superintendent’s Revenge for the QCMGA was held on May 29, 2018. This event has pin placements on every hole located in precarious and usually unfair places by Superintendent JR Kies. If a hole could be made on the edge of the green, it was deemed to be fair play for this event. Some teams used over 24 putts to get the ball into the hole, on one hole!

This event is a handicapped four-man team Scramble. No flights. Each team player had to hit four drives. The top five teams and ties were in the money.

For such difficult pin positions, the winning scores were truly remarkable.

The following were the team winners in the money.

1. Bill Chapman and Martin Wibbenhorst and William Stock and Rick Sutton, Net 55.7

2. Michael Eldridge and Jerald Gunn and Larry Laughman and Jim Lynch, Net 57.3

3. Steven Jarrett and Dale Miller and Dick Rhodes and Robert Marshall, Net 58.2

4. Randy Davis and Shel Zatkin and Greg Royer and Dick Johnson, Net 59.3

T5. Gordon Bobillot and Jerry Schamp and Richard Bobillot and James Cooley, Net 61

T5. Tom Bruno and Gary Skinner and Jim Schum and Edward Berry, Net 61

T5. Bruce Hocking and Douglas McNeil and Richard Ulery and John Hrovatin, Net 61

Congratulations to all the winners in the Superintendent’s Revenge event.