A stone, cairns, and cacti make a garden grow

Kathy Stone sits amongst her cacti; photo by Ron Sullivan.

Kathy Stone sits amongst her cacti; photo by Ron Sullivan.

Ron and Vicki Sullivan

When Quail Creek resident Kathy Stone is not tending to the raised garden bed full of maturing peanuts at Green Valley Gardeners’ (GVG) Allen J. Ogden Community Garden, she is busy creating original home design projects for Sonoran Desert residents. Her latest cactus and succulent garden project at GVG’s Desert Meadows Park is like icing on the cake.

During an interview, Kathy was asked about her interest in growing peanuts in the desert.

“I was around 10 years old,” she responded. “My grandmother had just returned from a trip to Georgia. She said, ‘Kathy, let’s try and grow some peanuts in Missouri.’ We did and they were great! I thought her Idea might work for our desert Ogden Garden.”

Her philosophy about gardening hasn’t changed. “It doesn’t mean design is the sacrificial lamb.” Her home and patio landscape designs center on longevity without sacrificing aesthetics. The projects are long lasting and reflect customers’ personalities.

Kathy’s GVG Desert Meadows Park cactus and succulent garden project demonstrates ways in which rescued plants can find a new environment and allow for expressing that same garden philosophy. She remarks, “I pretty much have a free design reign at the park. The park is not a specimen garden so I can incorporate a wide palate of plants and accents such as rock benches, cairns and pebbled pathways.”

Business partner Francesca Moses, also a Quail Creek resident, and Kathy are preparing for the annual Quail Creek Fall Festival. Over the years they have satisfied many Quail Creek and southern Arizona residents. For the 2014 Fall Festival they will be introducing some new design ideas to their tables. Look for their Earth Angel’s booth in the Madera Ballroom.

Quail Creek’s Fall Festival is on Saturday, November 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday, November 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with free admission.

The Madera Clubhouse is at 2055 E. Quail Crossing Boulevard off Old Nogales Highway. After passing the guard gate, the clubhouse is 1.1 mile on the left.

For more information about the Allen J. Ogden Community Garden, visit http://www.ogdengarden.com.