Spotlight on Advertiser: Golf Cars of Arizona is now locally manufacturing their own line of carts

When Dareck Makowski purchased the very successful Golf Cars of Arizona business in 2012, he knew it was a great opportunity. The previous owners had just sold their 10,000th cart. Makowski, a Tucson resident and entrepreneur, is all about high quality and top-rated customer service, which Golf Cars of Arizona has a reputation for since opening in 1980. As the exclusive dealer for Club Car golf carts in the area, his product line was top of the line. But he found some of his customers were clamoring for even more out of their golf cars. Makowski is an out of the box thinker, knows to listen to what his customers want, and is not afraid to take a leap of faith in his business. So Makowski and his long-time general manager, Terry Hill, looked into manufacturing their own line of carts with an eye toward customization. This was not that big a stretch for the company, as they already had their own upholstery shop, made customized enclosures, and operated a repair shop.

Makowski found a way to source the aluminum frame and ship them to Tucson, where Hill’s team goes over them with a fine-tooth-comb. Once they are sure of the frame, the team at Golf Cars of Arizona are ready to build a cart that is the best fit for their customer.

“We have heavy duty everything on the cart we manufacture so they last,” said Hill. “We can produce as top of the line cart that any other manufacturer can build but for less money because we are not building our own frame. This falls in line with Makowski’s desire to sell only top of the line, high quality products.

Their carts use lithium-ion batteries, which are the longest lasting and more maintenance free battery option. The Golf Cars of Arizona cars are also faster. “We always wanted a second line of carts to offer,” said Makowski. “But we have never been happy with the products we could have taken into our dealership. Our solution was to make the kind of cart that we could be proud of ourselves. It is also about longevity and making the best possible golf cart we can make.” Golf Cars of Arizona has locations in Oro Valley and Green Valley.

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