Sip and Savor Sunday at Quail Creek – A food truck extravaganza

Susan Pace

Join the food truck craze sweeping the nation at our innovative new Sip and Savor Sunday at Quail Creek – A Food Truck Extravaganza on Sunday afternoon, May 31 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Madera Clubhouse parking area and ballroom. This event is for neighbors to enjoy a carefree Sunday afternoon dinner in a very relaxed atmosphere and make new friends.

Why cook Sunday dinner when you can enjoy culinary delights in a laid-back setting with neighbors? Do absolutely no cooking – just come and choose from 9 to 13 food trucks offering a wide array of cuisine possibilities: Latin, German, Jewish, Italian, French, French-Canadian, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Jamaican, Cajun, Mexican and fusion menus – not to forget good old American BBQ, burgers, cheese steaks and dogs. What about dessert? Don’t worry; there are possible sweet endings like gourmet pastries, pies, cakes, cupcakes, gelato, frozen yogurt, shaved ice and ice cream. Yum! Feeling a bit parched? Have no fear! Our own talented Quail Creek Food & Beverage group to the rescue offering all sorts of beverages – some with alcohol and some without. Imagine so many wonderful cuisines in one location and all you have to do is drive or walk a few blocks!

For those thinking of food trucks from the good old days, forget it! The new food truck is radically different and some can frankly be quite gourmet. They even have national and international competitions with a Green Valley gourmet pastries truck taking fifth place at international plus others in the Tucson area winning awards. New generation trucks are kitchens on wheels required to meet the same standards as restaurants, be certificated by the Pima County Health Department and acquire a Town of Sahuarita business license. Cash is accepted by all food trucks and credit cards by some – so, please bring cash. Quail Creek accepts credit cards for beverages.

Although there is no event fee, it is very important that you make a reservation at least one week in advance. An accurate count is required for an adequate number of food trucks and so each will prepare the correct amount of food. We don’t want the trucks to run out of food or prepare too much. Please immediately email Susan Pace ([email protected]) with the number attending.

Sip and Savor Sunday at Quail Creek – A Food Truck Extravaganza is brought to you by the Quail Creek Unit Representatives’ Committee. Mark your calendar and make plans to attend this fun filled afternoon with neighbors relishing delectable cuisines from around the world. Remember, life’s a banquet – enjoy it to the fullest with friends!