Scam Squad: Scammers going after your cell phone, too!

Cyber criminals do not just attack personal computers; they now target your cell phones!

If you receive a message to call a number with three digits and a pound sign—delete!

It you hit call back you may enter a site that will take over your phone with a virus. Remember, your smart phones are little computers, not just telephones. You may use them to retrieve mail, check your social network and check on your financial accounts. Your personal computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone can be fair game for hackers.

Hackers may introduce a virus if you like or click here to an unknown site. This action may be a portal for a virus to enter your computer. It may freeze the page; then an unknown page, sometimes with authentic looking authority icons, will demand that you give money to reopen your computer.

If you do as the icons say and send them money or call a number with credit card information, you will not have your computer restored. You will just be out the cash and any information you gave to the fraudsters.

Smart phones may be attacked by hackers in the same way. A simple phone number that you do not recognize is unknown or is perhaps the three digit and pound sign (such as 385#) should be a signal to you that a virus is possible. Do not call this number back! Just as your computer screen can be frozen and a demand for money made, your cell phone is susceptible to the same type of virus.

The scammers now use sniffer apps (something that catches your eye) so you will download it to your phone. With this action, you may have just given thieves access to your information. Be careful what you download.

Jury Scam Alert

Arizona Superior Court in Pima County has received reports of people getting scam phone calls indicating they have a warrant for missing jury duty.

The caller impersonated a Pima County Sheriff’s deputy and instructed recipients to send money to the caller via a Green Dot Money Card or by electronic transfer to eliminate the warrant.

The Jury Commissioner’s Office does not call jurors or demand payment of any kind. The court advises anyone who receives a similar call to hang up and contact the Jury Office at 520-724-4222 and a member of the jury staff will verify whether or not there is an outstanding summons for jury service.

Call the Pima County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers with information about scams and frauds. To contact the Scam Squad call 351-6744 or email: [email protected]. To report suspicious activity or a particular incident of fraud call 351-4900.