Republican Club Welcomes Tucson Radio Talk Show Host Chris DeSimone

Chris DeSimone (photo by Rich Ulery)

On Friday, May 19, the Quail Creek Republican Club (QCRC) were treated to a presentation by the first speaker in more than a year who is not an elected official or candidate. Morning talk radio host Chris DeSimone, host of Wake Up Tucson on radio station KVOI 1030 AM from 6 to 9 a.m. weekdays, gave attendees a dose of reality in discussing what the Republican Party must do locally in Arizona. He engaged the audience and reviewed how and why Republicans lost three critical statewide races and a winnable U.S Senate race last November, along with a failure to make significant gains in the U.S. Congress. He pulled no punches in outlining changes that we and our candidates must make to win in 2024. Chris interviews hundreds of politicians on his show and keeps his finger on the pulse of political trends in the state and nation.

Three winning issues that will resonate with a sizable percentage of the American electorate are the importance of faith, family, and schools and the development of a consistent, compelling message on each. Republicans across the nation are winning on these issues.

The QCRC continues to bring dynamic, knowledgeable, and entertaining speakers to its monthly meetings. The next meeting will be on Friday, June 16, beginning at 9 a.m. (coffee at 8:30 a.m.) in the Kino Conference Center. Visiting Quail Creek from Phoenix will be elected Arizona Corporation Commissioners (ACC) Kevin Thompson and Nick Myers. Attend and learn about what the ACC does and the impact its decisions have on your wallet! Also, mark your calendars for Friday, July 28. The QCRC will have its Lee Cornelison Summer Kegger in the Madera clubhouse! More information on the Kegger will be released soon.

For more information about the Quail Creek Republican Club or on becoming a member, please visit the website