Republican Candidates Visit Quail Creek

Quail Creek Republican Club (QCRC) President Rich Ulery welcomed four candidates running for state and federal offices to a packed house of Quail Creek Republicans at the April 18 meeting in the Kino Conference Center.

Mark Finchem, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State and current member of the Arizona House, stressed the need for election integrity and for strong voter ID for both poll and mail-in voting. Andrew (Andy) Gould is a candidate for Arizona Attorney General. He is a resident of Yuma, a practicing attorney, and former Judge on the Arizona Supreme Court. He has a firm grasp on all the problems plaguing the Southern Arizona border with illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking and has a 10-point solution for solving the problems.

Matt Salmon, candidate for Governor, addressed the enthusiastic crowd. He is a former member of the Arizona legislature and U.S. Congress. While in the U.S. House, he co-founded the House Freedom Caucus. His gubernatorial campaign ad focused on border security, finishing the border wall, designating the cartels as terrorist organizations, and school choice with funding that follows the student. The final candidate was Blake Masters, running for the U.S. Senate. Blake served on President Donald Trump’s 2016 transition team. He will propose legislation to rein in Big Tech, and he is a strong supporter of school choice, the 2nd Amendment, and law enforcement.

The Primary election is less than three months away, on Aug. 2, and the QCRC continues its commitment to introduce Republican candidates to its members and guests. The next meeting is Friday morning, May 20. Also, mark your calendars and plan to attend the QCRC annual “Kegger” on Wednesday afternoon, June 29, in the Madera Clubhouse and patio. It will be one more chance for candidates to chat with our voters in a fun, casual event. Go to our website for more information.