Quail Creek’s Best Kept Secret?

Dianne Thomson

Recently, a resident was overheard saying that the library at Madera clubhouse was “Quail Creek’s best-kept secret.” Say it isn’t so!

If it is true that there are residents who are unfamiliar with our library, then it’s time to remedy that—right here and now!

It all starts with Quail Creekers themselves. They are the ones who donate the materials that make up the collections, and they are the ones who volunteer their time organizing the donations. Among other things, publication dates are checked periodically to ensure that only recently published books are retained and shelved. Donations that cannot be kept are offered to various local charitable groups.

Hardcover books are found on the open shelves, while paperbacks are kept inside the lower cabinets. Looking for a favorite author? Except for nonfiction (shelved by topic), books are organized by the author’s last name.

Residents are sure to find something of interest in the library. Books form the basis of the collection, but the library also offers lots of other interesting materials: books on CD, movies on DVD, lots of jigsaw puzzles, current magazines, specialty topics, and even some games.

And perhaps best of all, books don’t have to be checked in or out! What could be more convenient?

The library at Madera Clubhouse is located next to the coffee bar, where you can grab a cuppa and mosey on into the library and browse a while.

And tell a neighbor about it—it’s too valuable a resource to be kept secret!