Quail Creek Wellness presentation – May 23

Quail Creek Wellness will present Successfully Aging Strategies at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 23 in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom.

Guest speaker will be Chris Kang, Executive Director of Valley Assistance Service.

Also in attendance will be RN Chris Erickson, RN Manager Joey Zimmerman and Jessica Lansky, RN.

Beginning April 1, the RN Care team at Valley Assistance Services will change its focus and provide medical advocacy and support in the home of seniors and persons with disabilities who face chronic illness, request health education and medical assistance. RN liaison services between physicians, pharmacists and other care providers will be provided to improve health care delivery and ultimately enhance an individual’s quality of life. Our three part-time RN’s run the following programs:

A Touch that Cares® is a fee based program, providing care coordination with an individual’s provider; RN assessments will include a personalized care plan, medication education and management and family/caregiver education regarding illness, treatment and support. Individuals can pay per hour or select a package plan based on their needs.

Going Home with Care is a new care transitions program following hospitalization from Green Valley Hospital. Thanks to a grant by the Freeport McMoran Foundation, our Valley Assistance RN’s will follow seniors at home for 30 days post hospital discharge with the following diagnoses: Congestive Heart Disease, Pneumonia, COPD, hip and knee replacement surgeries and falls. Our RN’s will be the first point of contact at home to assist seniors in completing their discharge plan in order to facilitate the healing process and reduce readmissions. Volunteer transportation from the hospital home and limited pick-up of prescriptions and groceries will also be provided.

SHiM® (Safety and Health in Motion) is our signature fall prevention program, five years strong and now partnered with the University of Arizona’s Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and the Arizona Center on Aging. Our valley RN’s, including volunteer providers and Green Valley Volunteer Fire Corps, partner to provide a free in-home safety and health risk assessment followed by installation of needed safety equipment including non-slip tub strips, night lights, reach sticks, smoke alarms and exterior emergency entry lock boxes. Focused education to mitigate fall risk factors with connection to an individual’s primary care provider will enhance the partnership with each senior in the program to help reduce falls in our communities. This program is partially funded by CDBG funding through Pima County and currently there is no charge for the program. (Grab bar installation can be provided based on income guidelines.)

For additional information contact Chris Erickson, RN Manager for Valley Assistance Services, at 625-5966.

As always, our Wellness presentations are free and everyone is welcome. A Question and Answer which follows immediately.