Quail Creek Singles Club Celebrates a Year of Success!

Quail Creek Singles Club officers and planning team (left to right): Tina Davis, planning; Angie Gilliam, secretary; Terri Gilmore, planning; Pat Colburn, president; JD Jackovich, planning; Nancy Katzberg, media; and Bob Mahoney, member-at-large

A perfect evening at Wild Garlic Grill

After reorganizing last May after COVID-19 restrictions on meetings were lifted, the Quail Creek Singles Club set about reorganizing with the goal of attracting more members by offering a variety of activities. The team of officers and event planners focus on group recreational, educational, and cultural activities, which typically include dining out at notable area restaurants, monthly dinners at the QC Grill, golf, game nights, movies, the Tucson Gem Show, and local festivals, including the Tubac Art Festival and the Tucson Jazz Festival. Other activities include themed house parties, a book club, outings to fine art performances in Tucson, and activities that are of interest to the members. Recent activities include a barbecue, The Gaslight Theatre, dinners at Vivace and Wild Garlic Grill, a Kentucky Derby Party, and a game night of cornhole.

The club will be scheduling activities throughout the summer. Dinners include the monthly “Dinner at the Grill,” Melio’s, and Wildflower restaurant in Tucson. Other activities include Top Golf, the Top Gun movie, pop-up cocktail parties, and whatever else sounds fun.

For more information on the club and a list of upcoming events, contact any of the team members listed or send an email to [email protected] to be added to GroupWorks. Once you’ve been added to GroupWorks, you will receive notification of all upcoming activities via email, and you will be able to RSVP for any event of your choosing. There is no membership fee.