Quail Creek Republican Club Patriot Project a Resounding Success!

Rich Ulery

In mid-May, the Quail Creek Republican Club (QCRC) launched the Patriot Project to celebrate America by flying the American flag throughout Quail Creek. Steve Ware, secretary of the QCRC, conceived the idea, and Dave Roy, at-large member of the QCRC board, joined him to make the project happen.  Quality garage-mounted flags were offered at a reasonable price to all Quail Creek residents. After only three weeks, more than 75 American flags were purchased by and distributed to residents of our community, who proudly unfurled Old Glory on Flag Day and the 4th of July. Several residents are flying the flag daily!

Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, Dr. Kelli Ward, traveled to Quail Creek on June 18 to speak at the monthly meeting. She was so impressed about learning of the success of the Quail Creek Republican Club Patriot Project that she intends to start a Patriot Flag program across the state. She would like it to be at the Precinct Level and that Precinct Committeemen would work their neighborhoods to encourage their fellow Americans to purchase and proudly fly the flag.