Quail Creek Meditation Group


Joyce Shumate

Experienced and beginner meditators are cordially invited to come meditate with us on Thursdays at 5:15-6:15 p.m. in the Ocotillo Room in the Kino Conference Center. The sessions are free. Meditators may sit on the chairs provided or on their own cushions or blankets. No special clothing or equipment is needed.

We practice mindfulness meditation which simply means being wakefully present and aware of what is happening in this moment, now. Mindfulness is contrary to the usual way our untamed monkey minds work. Without the skills practiced in mindfulness meditation our minds flit from one thought, emotion, story to another and/or get lost in the past or the future, thereby missing the richness of the present moment. Our society and media bombard us with a cacophony of verbal, visual, aural and emotional stimuli. The demands of our lives present problems to solve, judgments and opinions to formulate, and choices and decisions to make. Our conditioning as young children through adulthood creates rigid patterns of thoughts and behaviors that limit us and create suffering in ourselves and in others.

The practice of mindfulness meditation teaches us to observe our minds, thereby opening us to opportunities to change habitual negative patterns. Practicing mindfulness meditation helps us wake up to the richness and possibilities of each moment. It has been scientifically proven that a regular practice of meditation relieves stress, enhances our health and wellness and creates more happiness and more peaceful relationships.

Many of us have our own private meditation practice alone. We also find that sitting with a group of like-minded people greatly enhances our practice and sense of community.

We urge you to come experience the peace and relaxation of sitting with us. You may just show up or, if you’d like more information, feel free to call Marsha Sherry at 719-539-4762 or email [email protected]