Quail Creek bridge players up their game

Gary Mitchell

Quail Creek bridge players have enthusiastically welcomed Gary Mitchell’s bridge classes to the community. They began last September as a trial and have been so well received (basically by word-of-mouth) that they’ve been extended through 2020 and are now offered twice a week. His classes are geared toward novice and intermediate players and cover a variety of topics such as bidding, conventions, two-over-one, defense and play of the hand.
Gary Mitchell has been playing bridge for over 70 years and teaching for 30 years. He is an ACBL Diamond Life Master and teacher and was a long time member of the American Bridge Teachers Association. Considered to be in the top 1% of all ACBL bridge players, he comes highly recommended by his many students. Not only is Gary an expert bridge player but his teaching skills are exceptional while his sense of humor makes it fun to learn.
Gary and his wife, Corinne, who is a Gold Life Master, gave up the bridge tournament life 18 years ago to settle in the small central highland city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, which most visitors refer to as “paradise.” After landing in San Miguel, Gary was quickly pressed into service as a bridge teacher. He and Corinne opened The Bridge Studio where over a ten-year period games went from once or twice weekly to the current schedule of five weekly games. Gary’s students in San Miguel then numbered over 100 and came from all over the United States and Canada. Many of those students came for weeks or months at a time to study bridge and enjoy the ambiance and weather, in that order! No advertising was done except by satisfied students. Gary and Corinne turned over the ownership and day-to-day management of “The Bridge Studio” four years ago and moved to Tucson, intent on teaching, playing and enjoying life. Two years ago, they bought a home in Green Valley where Gary offered his teaching skills to the community and, last September, he was invited to teach at Quail Creek. Gary and Corinne currently play three times a week in Green Valley.
Although Gary teaches all facets of the game (including the 2/1 bidding system) his teaching philosophy revolves around one key rule: If a student does not know the basics (bidding, play of the hand and defense) he or she must learn those basics before going any further into the nuances of the game.
Gary currently teaches Sundays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Mesquite Room at the Kino Center and Mondays from 9:00-11:00 a.m. in the Silver No. 1 Room at the Madera Clubhouse. Both classes cover the same material. The summer program is Play of the Hand and then Competitive Bidding. The cost is $5 per class.
Along with private lessons, Gary offers online lessons, a homework program and group classes.
If you would like to join any of Gary’s classes, please email him at [email protected] or call him at 520-762-7611.