Quail Creek Billiards Club Travel Team Wins Again

QCBC Travel Team wins the final tournament of the season.

John Andersen and Alphie Smith

The Quail Creek Billiards Club (QCBC) was challenged when they played in Tucson at Rincon Country West on April 6. But the QCBC Travel Team triumphed, winning 28 games to Rincon West’s 20 games.

The challenge for QCBC was playing on nine-foot Connelly tables, which had been recently recovered and had new rail bumpers. The tables were “fast.” The tables, however, didn’t hinder the focus of the QCBC team. Very competitive matches were the result.

Several games could have gone either way. At the end of the third round, QCBC was only leading Rincon West by two games. In the final round, QCBC won nine games to Rincon’s three. QCBC mastered the tables to become the victors of the tournament.

The QCBC team members were Art Lynch, Bill Orr, John Andersen, Garrett Moskal, Bryce Dohrman, Dick Randles, Manny Quijada, and Bob Coulter. Afterwards, the two teams enjoyed lunch together at Native Grill & Wings.

Dennis Desmond, QCBC’s Travel Team coordinator, stated that this was the last game of the Southern Arizona League Tournament season. The 2024-25 season will begin again in October. Desmond mentioned that there may be statewide tournaments next year for QCBC to compete in.