QCLGA Results

Net O.N.E.S.

Janet Johnson

Flight 1

1st: Sung Whitehead

2nd: Sherry Morris

3rd: Peg Avent

Flight 2

1st (tie) Bonnie Morgan and Linda Price

3rd: Roz Harrison

Flight 3

1st: Kathy Coleman

2nd: Lucille Carroll

3rd: Mary Newman

Flight 4

1st: Linda Ulery

2nd: Patty Zatkin

Flight 5

1st: Terri Erickson

Even Holes Only–July 8

Janet Johnson

Flight 1

1st: Theresa Stein

2nd: Bonny Wilcox

3rd: Janet Johnson

Flight 2

1st: Susan McCune

2nd (tie): Roz Harrison and Elizabeth Heintz

Flight 3

1st: Linda Price

2nd: Rose Welliver

3rd (tie): Sharon Schoen, Judith Olsen, and Kathy Stotz

Flight 4

1st: Kathy Printz

2nd (tie): Kris Weinberg and Linda Ulery

Flight 5

1st: Andrea Jondal

2nd: Margith Baker

3rd (tie): Kandi Roy and Dot McKee

Odd Holes Only July 1, 2021

Janet Johnson

1st Flight

1st: Alice Dyke

2nd (tie): Sung Whitehead and Kate Schwartz

2nd Flight

1st (tie): Dena Knox, Terri Bacon, and Jacquie Owens

3rd Flight

1st: Cathy Nelms

2nd: Roz Harrison

3rd (tie): Sharon Schoen and Rose Welliver

4th Flight

1st: Kathy Coleman

2nd (tie): Linda Ulery and Lucille Carroll

5th Flight

1st: Linda Kelly

2nd: Kris Weinberg

3rd: Terri Erickson @