QCLGA Results

QCLGA Shipwreck Tropical Attire Day, June 22

Janet Johnson

On holes number 1 through 6, throw out your worst three holes, on holes number 7 through 12, throw out your worst two holes, and on holes number 13 through 18, throw out your worst one hole.

Flight 1: 1st Karen Stensrud; 2nd (tie) Jan Scissons and Debbie Riddell

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Michele Gazica and Dena Knox; 3rd Janet Johnson

Flight 3: 1st Kathy Stotz; 2nd (tie) Sherri Morris and Mary Newman; 4th (tie) Sharon Schoen and Susan McCune

Flight 4: 1st Linda Klaus; 2nd Cynthia Gong; 3rd Phyllis O’Brien

Flight 5: 1st Kathy Printz; 2nd Julia Fox; 3rd (tie) Margith Baker and Perri Jones

Flight 6: 1st Vicky Thomas; 2nd Sandi Hrovatin

QCLGA 2-Person Shamble, Best Net Ball, June 15

Janet B. Johnson

Each partner tees off, and the partners select the best drive of the two (seven drives each must be used). From there, each golfer plays their own ball until the ball is holed. The partners record the best net score of the two for each hole.

Flight 1: 1st Jan Scissons/Debbie Riddell -6, 2nd Sonia Heeren/Janet Johnson -3

Flight 2: 1st Theresa Stein/Roz Harrison -7, 2nd Elizabeth Heintz/Anne Marie Karcher -5

Flight 3: 1st Hilary Wade/Frances Martin -13, 2nd Dianne Turner/Dian Simmons -4

Flight 4: 1st Margith Baker/Dena Knox -9, 2nd Julia Fox/Patty Harmon -5

Flight 5: 1st Cynthia Gong/Judi White -8, 2nd Vicky Thomas/Bonnie Vanni -3

QCLGA Criss-Cross, June 1

Janet Johnson

Overall Gross: Elly Cashel

Overall Net: Linda Ulery and Peg Avent

Flight 1: 1st Elly Cashel, 2nd Theresa Stein

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Sherry Morris and Peg Avent, 3rd (tie) Elizabeth Heintz and Stacia Sower

Flight 3: 1st Susan McCune, 2nd (tie) Cathy Nelms and Sharon Schoen

Flight 4: 1st Linda Ulery, 2nd Patty Zatkin, 3rd Julia Fox and Linda Klaus

Flight 5: 1st Vicky Thomas, 2nd (tie) Tommy Reid and Margith Baker