QCLGA 18-Hole Ladies Association Championship Event in March

The Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association (GCLGA) Presidents Cup and QCLGA Club Championship is scheduled to be held this year on Thursday, March 17, Tuesday, March 22, and Thursday, March 24. This is the second year in a row for this new, combined event. We are looking forward to many ladies participating in this three-day event, now called the QCLGA Championship, which will be flighted.

Some ladies may not have played these events in the past, thinking these events are only for the really experienced players. Well, not so. We encourage all players to participate, regardless of handicaps! Come one, come all!

For all active members of the QCLGA, on March 3, look for an email invite for this event on the Golf Genius site. Entry fee is $25 total for all three days. $100 Robson gift cards will be awarded for each overall Low Net (Presidents Cup) and Low Gross (Club Championship) winner. Increased prize amounts will be allocated to other places within each flight. For the first two days, everyone is paired in their flight. On the final day, the best low net scores go off in the second to last group, and the best low gross scores go off in the final group, regardless of their flight. All other players are still paired within their flights. Questions regarding this combined tournament or any other QCLGA event should be directed to Debbie Riddell at [email protected].

We have several new members who have joined the QCLGA in 2021 and 2022. Yeah! We encourage all new members to sign up for this fun, three-day event and any other QCLGA events. One of our goals this year is to encourage ladies to play golf on Thursdays and meet our neighbors and play with ladies you have not played with in the past. It’s not just about the golf—it’s also the camaraderie. QC is a welcoming community, and our 18-Hole Ladies group strives to encourage ladies to come and meet other QC residents, enjoy golf, and get connected. Hope to see you on the course!