QCCGA 2-Person Stableford Event, Recap


Janet Johnson

1st Flight—Gross: 1st Cherie and Jock Olson; Net: 1st Dena and Gene Knox, 2nd Brenda and Jay Allred

2nd Flight—Gross: 1st Julie Jensen and Joe Lynch; Net: 1st Elly and Bill Cashel, 2nd Karen and Greg Conroy

3rd Flight—Gross: 1st Cheryl Collyer and Norman Waters, 2nd Kathy and Jay Thompson; Net: 1st Chris and Bob Laxague, 2nd Linda and Bill Price

4th Flight—Gross: 1st Jan and JB Ranney; Net: 1st Julie and Mike Fox, 2nd Kathy and Tim Printz

Flight 5—Gross: 1st Phyllis and Chris O’Brien; Net: 1st Debi and Calvin Tabata, 2nd Jackie and Steve Comito