QC Writers and Poets Club

Marian Stoddard

For the second meeting on the bimonthly December schedule of the Quail Creek Writers and Poets Club, members were asked to submit an anonymous and humorous obituary containing clues to their identities. Members absent due to holiday plans with friends and families sent their work in advance. Submissions were mostly prose, but some were poems, as in, “Mosey are dead, and his wife isn’t blue. She’s glad that he’s gone, ain’t you glad it’s not you.” Only the group leader knew the authors’ identities, as the pieces were distributed for narration. When each piece had been read, and after the laughter subsided, the group was invited to guess who authored it and identify the clues that gave the tip-off. No author went undiscovered, attesting to the genuine fellowship in this group.

As the year 2023 closed, the club counted over 30 published books by our members. Investigate our website qcwap.org and select the Who We Are button to see the complete list. Then consider joining, and we’ll help you publish the book you’ve always wanted to write.