Q3 2023 Member’s Challenge—Contrasting Subjects

The Photo Club of Quail Creek continued with its quarterly member’s challenge, with the third quarter having the topic of Contrasting Subjects. Each club member could enter up to three photos taken during the quarter. This subject was a popular but difficult one for the members and drew 30 entries. All of the photos can be seen on our Flickr site tinyurl.com/5bsr29hb.

Denny Huber won first place with his photo Blue Orange. Denny commented, “I had seen still-life photos similar to this over the years, so I’m afraid it’s not completely original. It was a simple matter to spray paint the orange and the background board blue. I then sliced the orange and tried various positions. The light was what was entering my garage. In all, I took about 50 photos and liked this one the best.

Post-processing was minimal since the complementary blue and orange colors were quite saturated on their own.” Denny used his Canon 90D with an 18-135 mm lens, shooting 1/50 sec at f/22, and post-processing in Lightroom.

Monte Hudson took second place with her photo Texture-Color. Monte commented, “With contrast as the goal of the challenge, I felt this flower had the qualities to accomplish that. First, textural contrast and, secondly, color contrast. It was taken July 4 on a trip to Silver City, N.M.” Monte used her Canon Rebel T6 with an 18-400mm lens, shooting at 200mm, 1/1000 at f/7.1, and post-processing in Lightroom.

The photo Canoa Ranch Sunset, also by Denny Huber, placed third. Denny said, “I’ve tried this idea on past photos where the photo is in black and white but the water reflection is in a highly contrasting, saturated color.

My trip to Historic Canoa Ranch was completely lucky, as the sunset was one of those brilliant blue and orange Arizona spectacles.

For post-processing, I merged a black and white image with a color image and then just kept the reflection in color.” Denny used his Canon 90D with an 18-135 mm lens, shooting 1/80 sec at f/11, and post-processing in Lightroom.

The Photography Club of Quail Creek has a monthly photo contest, as well as a quarterly challenge for its members, and schedules numerous photo field trips for members throughout the year. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Kino Conference Center, Mesquite Room. Room venue could vary each month. Consult the club’s constantly updated website www.pcqc.org, as well as the weekday HOA What’s Happening for additional information.