Putters Continue to Excel

Peggy McGee

Perhaps it is the heat, but only four Lady Putters have gotten a hole-in-one on the money hole in the past month. The ladies on set-up duty believe that the money hole is the most difficult. Congratulations to Patty Hall, Janet Emigh, Mary Talton, and Char Brehm. Lynda Pilcher scored six holes-in-one on April 27, and Hope Goetz scored seven on April 20. They each earned a commemorative quail pin for the achievement. This pin is awarded to those who score five or more holes-in-one on a particular day.

This is a great time for interested ladies to give the Putters a try. With people returning to their homes in cooler parts of the country or traveling to escape the heat, team size is smaller, and putting is generally completed in 45 minutes before the temperatures really start to rise. Grab a dollar, a putter, and one ball and show up on the back patio of the clubhouse by 8:15 a.m. on a Wednesday and give the Putters a try. You can try Putters twice, and if you find you enjoy the camaraderie, you can join. Dues are $20 per year. Weekly greens fee is $1, cash only (no coins, please). No tank tops, athletic shorts, or denim is allowed on the course. Please wear rubber-soled shoes to protect the greens.