October 2021 PCQC Photo Contest Winners: Shadows

First Place, Headin’ Home

Second Place, Spiral Staircase

Third Place, Forks

Deb Nesbitt

The Photo Club of Quail Creek October photo contest focused on “shadows.” Eligible photos were taken within the last three years with only minimal post processing allowed.

Jeff Krueger took first place with Headin’ Home. Jeff shared he was doing an Arizona highways photo workshop in Canyon de Chelly when, one day, they went out to the dunes to do some afternoon landscape photography. They came across a young Navajo girl out riding. She was working out her horse, and her family was there as well. After speaking with them, they agreed to let us photograph her throughout the afternoon. As it started to get into late afternoon, she was riding along a sand ridge and the time of day created a great shadow of the horse and rider. Jeff was shooting on a tripod, and as he watched her riding off, he decided to try shooting at a slow enough shutter speed to keep the movement sharp and a good aperture setting for depth of field. Nice work! Jeff used a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, shooting at f/3.5, 1/2000 second, focal length of 200.0 mm, and ISO 100.

Ron Skelton submitted Spiral Staircase to take second place. This shot was taken during the club’s latest field trip to Tombstone. The staircase is on the outside of the courthouse building. The morning sun was creating some very interesting shadows against the brick wall. Ron converted the image to black and white in Lightroom and further adjusted the contrasts and shadows, etc., in Luminar AI. He used a Canon 90D w/EF-S 15-85 lens and shooting parameters included f/11.0, at 1/500 second, focal length 80.0 mm, and ISO 160.

Third place went to Charles Schinner with Forks. What an interesting photo capturing the “bending” of the shadow! Charles caught this image using his Apple iPhone 11, f/1.8 and focal length 4.25 mm.

The Photography Club of Quail Creek sponsors several opportunities for club members, such as monthly and quarterly photo contests, field trips, access to extensive photography resources, and timely presentations during our monthly meetings. Consult our website, www.pcqc.org, and the HOA What’s Happening for additional information. To view photos on Flickr, also go to www.pcqc.org.