More murders, more mystery, more fun

Next February 5, 6 and 7 will be the dates for the eleventh murder mystery play presented by Davey Jones. With the title of The Stolen Copper Caper, it will once again depict a local issue. A group of seniors are unable to sustain their lifestyle on Social Security alone and decide to rip off the Pima Mine of all their copper. Inevitably, things go wrong and their fate looks sealed even though they have successfully stolen something much more valuable than copper.

Cast members once again include Cyndy Gierada, Pam Campbell, Claudia Andrews, Sandi Hrovatin, Mike Vance and Davey Jones. Dodie Prescott joins the show for the first time. Eight musical numbers are cleverly woven into the story, including those made famous by Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel/Barbra Streisand, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Leslie Gore, Dean Martin, Bonnie Tyler, Train and Shirley Bassey.

Tickets will go on sale in December (watch for the date in What’s Happening messages) and will be just $29 for the show, two-course meal, tax and gratuity. Tables will be set for eight seats each and the back partition will be closed for an intimate evening of entertainment. An entrée will consist of roasted pork loin with cinnamon-raisin sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans, followed by cherry cobbler.

The POA website will offer the tickets through “showare” or they can be purchased at the Concierge Desk. For four years these shows have sold out early. So, get together with friends and neighbors to join in the fun and excitement.