MOAA Chapter Comes to Aid of Homeless Mom Veteran

Peggy McGee

An 11th hour call for help came from the Women Warriors advising that they had just moved a homeless female veteran and her twin infant sons from a shelter into an apartment and that she needed diapers and clothing for the boys. It was the Green Valley Chapter Military Officers Association (MOAA) that sprang into action to get two layettes assembled—with a little help from the White Elephant and a Quail Creek resident who had donated some handcrafted beaded jewelry. The MOAA Chapter meets at Quail Creek for its luncheons and dinners.

Each basket contained a blanket and bibs lovingly made by members of the Chapter’s Knit Wits, along with several outfits and toys and books for the boys, plus lots of diapers and wipes. Since it was Christmas time, the Mom got a handknitted scarf and blanket, plus a gift bag of lotions, soaps and other grooming items and a hand beaded bracelet and earring set.

Everything was delivered to Karen Kuciver, founder of Women Warriors, who presented the baskets to the family in time for Christmas.