Congratulations to Elf Contest Winners!

Connie Bandstra and Jeff Krueger, POA Resident Board of Directors

Where oh where did you find those elves? Once again, the little cuties found their way to high places, low places, and everywhere in between! Jeff and I sincerely hope you had as much fun finding as we did hiding. The following residents were the lucky winners of a $20 gift card that can be used in either the Grill or the Pro Shop.

Congratulations go to: Gina Koehler, Charles Noli, Robert Beckmann, Cloice Miller, Rick Thorpe, Pat Crane, Lee Crombie, Cynthis Laughman, Vicki Sills, Jim Cooley, John Epler, Paul Pantely, Alyce Mancini, Beverly Johnson, Michael Mauhl, Art Mayhle, Patricia Fluhrer, Karen Simmons, and Cathy Hasson.

Enjoy your treasure and we’ll see you again next year!