Meet the Candidats for QC Board of Directors 2016-2017 term

Quail Creek Board of Directors Election – 2016-2017 Term

Resident Board Member Election


Dreama Fumia

Philip Opdenbrouw

Ballots will be mailed to all property owners in October.

Vote for one candidate.

Ballots must be received at the Madera Clubhouse by 5:00 p.m. MST on Friday November 6, 2015.

The Resident Board Members serve staggered two year terms. One member is elected each year for the following two year term.

Philip B. Opdenbrouw

1358 N. Night Heron Drive

Green Valley, Arizona 85614-6014

My wife and I have been proud Quail Creek residents for the past 14 years. I have been retried for the last five years. I am one of the founding members of the Quail Creek Computer Club, its first vice-president and second president. I continue to volunteer at the Computer Club. We have been regular participants at the QC POA Board Meetings and many Question & Answer meetings.

I am interested in continuing the quality of our community. I speak with many residents and neighbors during our daily walks in the community, listening to their thoughts about our community.

I participate in community activities and functions. I am a frequent participant at Sahuarita Town Board meetings. I am politically active; a member of the Quail Creek Republican Party, the Green Valley/Sahuarita Republican Party and the Green Valley Tea Party. I am a past Chairman of the Legislative District 2 Republican Party. While living in Hyde Park, New York, I was also politically active; a party officer and candidate for office multiple times. I also served a year as president of our Homeowners Association and served many years on the Community Water Board. I also served on a Cablevision contract renewal commission.

Dreama Fumia

1608 N. Buttes Drive


[email protected]

My husband Skip and I came to Quail Creek from Massachusetts in 2005 and have enjoyed what this community has to offer ever since.

For the majority of my pre-Quail Creek life, my career was devoted to military computer systems, either as a programmer, systems analyst or project manager. Most recently, I was a program manager for an engineering support contractor doing business with the United States Air Force. My specific responsibility was program execution for large programs, that is, ensuring the program met requirements, was properly staffed and funded and was responsive to its military customers.

Since coming to Quail Creek I have been active in the Quail Creek Ladies’ Golf Association (QCLGA), serving as its secretary, vice-president and president. I was a member of the Finance work-group that became the chartered Finance Committee and served as its chair. I’ve also served on the Green Committee in various functions. As a member of the first Quail Creek Leadership Seminar in 2011, I was excited to learn about the organizational structure of our community as well as the environs of Sahuarita and Pima County. In 2013 I was elected to the POA Board of Directors to serve a 2014/2015 term. Since then I have continued to learn about this community, its residents, its staff and Robson Communities, Inc. I am presently the Board liaison to the Finance Committee, Green Committee and Sports Committee and am proud of the accomplishments of each of these committees. During my term of office I have endeavored to bring recognition and appreciation to our resident volunteers through our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event and publicizing, through the Quail Creek Crossing and Quail Creek Xtra, the excellent work our committees accomplish. I’ve also encouraged more communication across our community, from establishing and coordinating our POA Board FAQ, authoring notes from our monthly Board Q&As and publishing information through our Xtra, Quail Creek Crossing, and What’s Happening. I’ve worked with Gil Lusk and Mike Taylor to assist our clubs who’ve migrated to the new Creative Arts and Tech Center and have been amazed at the talent and creativity of so many of our residents. Overall, it’s been a pleasure to serve with other Board members as well as support our General Manager and staff.

Earlier this year our community passed a significant milestone – we sold our 2,000th home. In addition to the Creative Arts and Tech Center, we’ve also seen the opening of our new Kino Conference Center this year. As our growth continues we’ll need to focus our attention not only on today’s Quail Creek, but also on planning for the future to ensure our community continues to be the best it can be.

In summary, I’d like the opportunity to continue my service to this wonderful community for another term as a POA Board member. I ask for your support.