It’s been a busy summer for the Lapidary and Jewelry Club

The Lapidary and Jewelry Club’s members have been very fortunate to have a local Master Silversmith Artist, Pete Irish, offer classes. So far more than 25 members have been trained in sawing, using the Flex-Shaft and fashioning rings and pendants with turquoise, gemstones and sterling silver.

Club member Joe Caldwell has shared his extensive knowledge of Enameling with two classes. Participants learned how to enamel glass powder and liquid glass onto copper using a kiln. The Cloisonné technique was also used on copper and silver.

The club’s instructors, Nancy Riordon, Sue Ann Obremski and Cathy Hasson have also continued classes in Kumihimo Japanese Braiding, Beading and Metal Working – as well as a Beading Party to make use of donated supplies to sell for the club’s benefit. It has been a very busy summer!