May Update for the Coyote Course Renovation

Quail Creek Renovation Task Force

Wow! What has happened to our Coyote golf course? We were told that once the contractor got going, there would be a lot going on. The other day, we counted guys working on four golf holes. Here is our update:

The contractor has made a connection into the existing irrigation mainline at the clubhouse and now has water to install the irrigation system. One of the important things about the installation is the ability to constantly flush the lines prior to the installation of the irrigation heads. In addition, the contractor has made a temporary connection at 9 tee back into the existing irrigation system, so our maintenance staff has water to irrigate the other portions of the golf course that are not currently under construction. Work will progress now in sequence of the golf holes, with hole 8 and 9 tee being the last holes to be completed.

Fun Fact: There is over 54,000 feet of new irrigation pipe and over 625,000 feet of wire being installed as part of the new irrigation system.

Our golf course architect and irrigation consultant have each been on-site weekly to monitor progress. Over a dozen people attended the first architect tour of the renovation on April 5, where residents were able to ask questions about the process and gain a better understanding of the details of the renovation. Members of the Task Force have also been in contact directly with the consultants, not only on their visits, but also through other lines of communication.

As of the last project update, everything is on schedule for grassing of the golf course in June.

Thank you for understanding our caution in regards to self-guided tours of the renovation. We think everyone now can see why there was concern from the beginning.