May 7 Derby Day Is Done! And Who Were the Winners?

Some of the winners of the day

Patty Zatkin for the Quail Creek Social Activities Advisory Council

The Kentucky Derby race winner was an unknown by the name of “Rich Strike,” upon whom no one risked a bet, but we managed to give away prizes for the second-, third-, and fourth-place winners, as well as two prizes for the Best Hats worn that day. A good time was had by all!

The Activities Council arranged for a lovely backdrop for photos, horseshoe and cornhole games to be played on the event lawn, and a great “Derby Day” banner hung over the lounge patio where all in attendance (about 75 people) modeled their lovely hats and chose a horse to win the race. There was a special menu of Hot Brown open-face sandwiches, lots of mint juleps, and a great ice cream with candied pecans Derby sundae for dessert. Finally, a special edition of trivia completed the Derby Day event in the lounge.