March Madness Comes to Quail Creek!

Gloria Bible

If you thought March Madness only happened in college basketball, think again. The Quail Creek Tennis Club’s most recent tournament thrilled both players and spectators with so many nail-biting, heart-thumping, tight matches and tiebreaks, you would think “March Madness” was the theme of this year’s annual Men’s and Women’s Doubles Tournament!

With an emphasis on fun, the tournament was played the weekend of March 24 under blue skies, barely-there winds, and particularly pleasant temperatures. Of the 20 women and 16 men who set out to play A- and B-Level doubles matches, the 16 players who accrued the most points played on March 26 to determine the tournament winners. Fortunately, club member Mike Wagner generously offered his services as a former USTA-certified official, calling the scores and ensuring players followed USTA-recognized rules of play.

Final results were as follows:

Women’s B Level:

First place: Marlene Meyer/Andrea Steinberg

Runners-up: Jill Eisele/Jude Liautaud

Men’s B Level:

First place: Don Callen/Stephen Lundgren

Runners-up: Jim Eisele/David Winter

Women’s A Level:

First place: Jean Henry/Chris Moravchik

Runners-up: Hilary Wade/Cindy Nelson

Men’s A Level:

First place: Steve Hirdes/Chris Olson

Runners-up: Ron Breuklander/Ryan Modesto

As the day was winding down, Cindy Gong’s well-seasoned Social Committee set up a celebratory dinner buffet with barbecue chicken and pulled pork sandwiches, a tasty selection of salads, and, of course, delectable desserts. Club President Rick Wade congratulated all the participants with a special nod to tournament organizer Doug Shumway who also thanked everyone involved in making the club’s annual event the fabulous success it was!