Lockboxes Can Help in Case of an Emergency

The Green Valley Fire District and the Green Valley Sheriff’s Auxiliary volunteers urge you to consider installing your own home safety lockbox. In an emergency such as a fire, a medical trauma, an accidental fall, home attack, or similar situation, a home lockbox enables first responders to retrieve a spare key to your home.

The advantages of a lockbox include:

* No forced entry to the house. The fire department will not have to break down the door or a window, both of which can be costly maneuvers. Furthermore, the door will not have to be left open as the agencies attend to your health and safety, leaving your home defenseless.

* Your lockbox information is kept securely in the dispatch center computers so dispatchers can alert responding crews that you have a key in the box.

* Adds a level of security for many who are living alone and may not be able to answer the door.

Call 520-625-9438 to schedule your appointment. For more information about the Residential Lockbox Program, visit the Green Valley Fire District website at gvfire.org/residential-lock-boxes.