Library at Madera Clubhouse seeks new leadership

The Library Executive Committee has been given the authority to select a co-chair for 2016. The current chair is resigning May 1, but is willing to serve as co-chair until a new chair is elected by the volunteers at the next annual meeting in November 2016. Current volunteers love shelving and other library duties but have not shown an interest in moving into a leadership role or have already so served.

Anyone interested in being considered for appointment as co-chair should contact Larry Thomson at 520-207-3813 to schedule an interview with the Executive Committee in February.

The library at Madera Clubhouse is a chartered Quail Creek activity. From modest beginnings, the library now has a circulation of over 1000 items a month and received over 5000 donated items in 2015.

No library science degree or library experience required. An interest in books and small group leadership skills are the qualities sought. The Library Operations Manual, located on the second shelf of the return cart in the library, contains the details of current library operations.