Library donations increase in 2015

Thanks to the generous donations of our users, 6395 items were donated in 2015, a 50 percent increase over 2014. Nearly half of the 2015 donated items could be shelved. The remainder (mostly items over seven years old) were re-donated to the VA Hospital, VA Home, White Elephant or the Green Valley Animal League. These numbers do not include magazine donations which are also substantial with an estimated 750 out of date magazines taken each year to the Green Valley Library used book store or the White Elephant.

Because many items are removed from the open return cart before they can be counted and shelved, the Library is not able to determine actual circulation numbers. However, it can be safely assumed, based on the number of donations kept, that circulation continues to increase each year, likely exceeding a conservatively estimated average of 1000 items per month.

In addition to books, the Library has greatly increased its collection of movie DVDs and audio book CDs over the past two years. A separate shelf for family and children’s movies has been added.

Library users are encouraged to return items soon after finishing with them. During the busiest months the shelves sometimes look a little bare as more items go out than come in.

If you are a user, be sure and also be a donor. The only source of books and other items in the Library are from donations made by Library users. Keep those donations coming in.