Letters for WWII veterans on June Honor Flight

Janice Pell

If you would like to individually express your gratitude to WWII veterans for their tremendous contribution to make our nation great, please write a letter to one or more of the veterans that will be flying to Washington D.C. on the June 25 to 27 Honor Flight. Letters may be addressed to the names listed below with their branch of service.

Army veterans: Jim, Gordon, Glen, Bill, Everett, Art, Edmond, Toivo and Jane (WAC).

Navy veterans: David, Dick, Sam, Ed, Betty Mae (WAVE) and Loren.

AAF veterans: Shel, Earl, Bud and Melvin.

ACC veterans: Vern and Jack.

CG: Harold.

Branch unknown at this time: Charles and Gene.

Letters may also be addressed to Dear Veteran or Dear (blank) and the organization will fill in a name if some get more letters than others. TWOQC are sponsoring the trip for Betty Mae and would especially like letters addressed to her. The June flight is a super senior flight with all veterans being over 90.

For the May Honor Flight, the Quail Creek community wrote 122 letters to be given to the veterans. Many of the veterans on that flight had tears in their eyes as they read the comments and realized how much we valued their WWII service. TWOQC thank all of you who took the time to write; each letter will be treasured by the vets as a memento of their trip.

Deliver letters to Peggy McGee at 1908 E. Longspur Place by June 22. Letters can also be left at the Concierge desk in the Madera Clubhouse if the envelope is marked with Peggy’s name or WWII veteran letter. For more information about Honor Flight, visit TWOQC website womenqc.com or contact Peggy at [email protected] or 207-6188.