Ballroom Dance Club open to all

Dodie Prescott

The Ballroom Dance Club invites Quail Creek residents to join the club or renew their membership and points out that members don’t have to be good dancers to enjoy the evenings. Come to socialize with friends and neighbors, enjoy wonderful gourmet meals and listen to big band music in the Madera Ballroom. Annual membership dues cover the cost of four exclusive dinner dances with big name bands playing ballroom style music.

Three of the most common fears that people have before starting to ballroom dance include being too old, having no rhythm and being too nervous. Luckily these fears can be quickly and easily overcome.

Being too old. Dancing has no age limit or requirements. There are no prerequisites or entrance exams. Anyone at any age can begin to dance and reap the benefits that come along with it. Whether 5 or 55, dancing is something that everyone can enjoy. For people who are eager to learn, the steps will come over time and the fear of being too old will be a distant memory.

Having no rhythm. This is one of the most common fears when it comes to ballroom dancing. Not having rhythm is a common myth that people believe to be true about them. But guess what, everyone has rhythm. Anyone who walks, breathless and has a heartbeat has rhythm. Everyone is capable of participating in any type of dancing. Dancing is an expression of happiness and emotion. Once people start to dance they will find their rhythm and never look back.

Being too nervous. Everyone gets nervous, as trying something new can be extremely nerve racking. Luckily dancing is a stress free activity that can bring copious amounts of joy and relaxation. It is just getting over the initial nervousness that is the key. Keep in mind that everyone who is new to dancing is nervous, but they are most likely only focused on themselves. No one is paying attention to others’ dancing, let alone their nervousness. Trust that as soon as the music starts and the beat begins the nervousness will have vanished.

The new dance season starts in December 2014 with future dances scheduled for January, February and March 2015. To join the club and experience these special evenings, contact Membership Chair Justine Lewis at [email protected] or phone 399-4646 or visit the club’s website at