Let’s Travel Club—Taste of Tucson

Joyce Shumate

Tucson’s UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation, the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, and more make the city’s downtown a hub of activity, which has seen a rebirth in the past several years. New shops, bars, breweries, and some of Tucson’s hottest restaurants are proud to call downtown home.

Elysa Crum is the owner and tour guide for Taste of Tucson Downtown. Her passion for food, education, and an appreciation of Tucson’s culture and history inspired her to create Taste of Tucson Downtown. With the revitalization of downtown, including an influx of new offices, housing, restaurants, and the modern streetcar, this is the perfect time to explore and learn about our city.

When you have family or friends visiting from out of town, the Taste of Tucson Downtown tours are highly recommended for Tucson natives and visitors. There is a great blend of local history, art, and great food choices.

The Let’s Travel Club will organize a group on Taste of Tucson Downtown in November. Attendees can sign up first for this tour at this month’s presentation on Sept. 15 at 2 p.m. in the Ocotillo and Mesquite Rooms. The Let’s Travel Club meetings are open to all Quail Creek residents. For more information about the Quail Creek Let’s Travel Club, contact Joyce at [email protected].